Formmating excels

I use dhtmlxgrid for building a link button, this link throught a javascript to other page, I pass de parameters to javascript:

cli.getCli_numcli_origen()+"^javascript:checkVendor(" + cli.getCli_NumCli() + “,” + codvendeur +","+ cli.getCli_CodCre()+","+cli.getCli_numcli_origen().toString()+");^_self";

this is correct, for numbers, but if the parameters are strings, I has problems because the simple comilles don’t reconognize.

cli.getCli_numcli_origen()+"^javascript:checkVendor(’" + cli.getCli_NumCli() + “’,’” + codvendeur +"’,’"+ cli.getCli_CodCre()+"’,’"+cli.getCli_numcli_origen().toString()+"’);^_self";

the link is constructed so

Parameter number in no problem but if the strins (MVN) , because i need building this


If you need to have quoted string in href link, you must include them in double-quotes ( single quotes will not work )


Thanks, my problem is resolved. So

cli.getCli_numcli_origen()+"^javascript:checkVendor("" + cli.getCli_NumCli() + “”,"" + codvendeur +"",""+ cli.getCli_CodCre()+"",""+cli.getCli_numcli_origen().toString()+"");^_self";