forms live update

I need help with form update. I have two forms, one (form_5) where i type the number which is record in Mysql table and in second form (form_1) display data for this row. I want that if I change number in form_5, form_1 display data for this record (so basically form_1 display data according to number i form_5 ). For now its only work if I set the record number in code. I also want that if I change displayed datata in form_1 it will save the changes to database.

Thank you for answer (1.3 MB)

Ok looks like I’ve got what i want. If anyone need…

form_5.attachEvent("onButtonClick", function() { var varib=form_5.getItemValue("form_5_input") alert(varib); form_1.setItemValue("form_1_input", ""); form_1.load('./data/databse.php?id='+varib); });


yes, this way is correct