I am just being stupid or is there no identifier to access an input, such as and id or name. So that I can do anything with it in JavaScript.

Sure it does. Just use parameter “id” ex id: “myform”

For example a text input would be

{ type: 'text', name: 'first_name', label: 'First Name', value: '',id:'fisrt_name'}

and you can reference it by the id.

Good luck

You can’t reference the actual input from js, but you can get and set its value through API of form.

var form = $$('myform').getValues() alert(form.first_name); //existing value form.first_name = "new value"; //set new value $$('myform').setValues(form);

If you have some other use-case in mind - provide more details , for which kind of operation you need to have direct access to input element.