Foucus on Item

Hi there,

I’m trying to focus on an item in the dhtmlxtree but i can’t see it anywhere in the samples or API how to do it. I can see it on your site there is an option to focus on an item and i have tried tree.focusItem() but it doesn’t work. Is this part of the professional licence only? We have bought a licence from you purchased by Miguel Perez.

Many thanks

The tree supports two next methods

    tree.selectItem(id); // select item in tree
    tree.focusItem(id); // scroll tree, so item will be visible

Please beware that if you enabled outer scrollbars focus functionality may be not available ( problem can be caused by having overflow:auto style on container div, container div must not have overflow style at all, or must have overflow:hidden, in such case inner scrollbars will be used, which will work correctly with focusItem call )

In latest version , such functionality available in both pro and standard editions.