Freeze first body column


Hi there! Is there a way I can freeze the left hand column in the body of the spreadsheet, so it stays put when the user scrolls horizontally?


If freezing is not a live option, is there a way I can apply a specific class to the first column of data? Then I can just freeze it with CSS…



Anyone have an idea on how I can wrap the td’s in Columns?


If I can get it work with colgroup that might work, but I can’t seem to get the plugin to recognize the colgroup with this code:

[code]$(function() {

if($(“table > colgroup”).length == 0){
var colCount = 1;
$(‘tr:nth-child(1) td’).each(function () {
if ($(this).attr(‘colspan’)) {
colCount += +$(this).attr(‘colspan’);

var colgroupList = '';
for (i=0;i<colCount;i++){
    colgroupList += '<colgroup></colgroup>';




I ended up creating two tables… and laying them out side by side. Not idea, but the only way I could accomplish what I was trying to do.


It’s 2019 now. A short 5 years has passed. Is this possible?


There is still no frozen columns feature in the dhtmlxSpreadsheet. Also, we’[re not planning to extend that feature in the near future.