French number formatting


I have a problem witch number formatting. French formatting doesn’t work at all.
I create such column in xml:

and it returns undifined format. Maybe I should attach something?
Can anybody help?

Than ks


If you need to change decimal and group separators you should use setNumberFormat() method:

mygrid.setNumberFormat(“0,000.00”,index,","," "); … c_values&s[]=number&s[]=format

in SetNumberFormat I need to define index. I load grid dynamically and I would like to define format while loading xml. When I use format=“0,000.00” id does work,
but when I use format=“0 000,00” it doesn’t.

You have to use “,” as group separator and “.” and decimal separator in “format” attribute. It not possible to change default group and decimal separators with ‘format’ attribute.
As a work around you can call setNumberFormat method from xml:

0,000.00 $index , &nbsр; … n_from_xml

I found solution.
I implement
grid.i18n.group_separator=" ";
for the whole grid and set format I need for each column in xml.

Olga - thanks for Your solution.