From 6.2 to 6.5.1

I’m working with dhtmlx 6 from OCT 19. I’ve created a grid with some data loaded and every time i click on a link the data in the grid change with new data with a code like that :“opgrid/load_atlasmail_list.php?id=”+CARTELLASEL);
repeat: with 6.2 the code run well.

Today i’ve decided (for some reasons) to pass from 6.2 to 6.5.1 and there is no way to get the stuff working.
If i turn back to the 6.2 library the code restart to work.
What the damn i’m doing wrong? Is there some trick not written in the documentation? Plz help me.
Disperated user from the 6.X

Hi superblood,
You should probably follow these steps:

the data.load() shiould work the same way in the 6.2 and the 6.5. If the problem still occurs for you could you please, provide a more detailed sample of your code, so the problem could be identified.

I think i’ve understood what’s going wrong with the new library.
When i do the second .load to the grid, the data loaded the first time remain loaded, but with the 6.2 no.
Is there a way to clean the grid? In 5.X i use cleanAndLoad method.
Is there a way to obtain the same result?

For cleaning data in grid you can use removeAll() method of DataCollection API:
And then use load() method once again.

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