From Html to drag-n-drop


First of all, thank you for your job - it’s a brilliant script.

Know I’m trying to use it and have a question: i’m initializing tree from HTML list. It all works fine. But I need drag’n’drop feature.

Standart construction from docs doesn’t work for me.

This is my code:



  • Root


    • Child1


      • Child 1-1



    • Child2

    • Bold Italic





Thу question is what I’m doing wrong?

ok, I’ve made it myself by changing initialization of tree in dhtmlxtree_start.js
I’ve initialized drag’n’drop after declaration of object and know it works fine.
thz to all one more time :wink:


just trying to get used to the skript but same for me, no d&d in HTML build tree.
so would be nice to know how you ‘fixed’ it.

in dhtmlxtree_start.js the object is initialized as t. but t.enableDragandDrop is not known there, so how did you do it?

Thx Jan

Ok, if you want to use d’n’d in html-initialized tree, you must edit file dhtmlxtree_start.js.Just find code var t=new dhtmlXTreeObject(obj,“100%”,“100%”,0); and �add after it that string: t.enableDragAndDrop(1);

If you init tree from HTML container you can add next attribute to it
    <div id=“treeboxbox_tree” setImagePath="…/…/codebase/imgs/csh_bluebooks/" class=“dhtmlxTree” enableDragAndDrop="true"

All attributes which starts from set or enable will trigger related js commands during tree initialization

Thx a lot

i used the attribute way, works fine.

Great job, Jan