from where scheduler.init function calling?

I need to know how scheduler.init function is calling. I need to add one more parameter in that function. Can i add one more parameter in it?

Can you provide some more details, why do you need such an extra parameter ?

I need the calendar in 2 scenarios. In one scenario, I didn’t need a dropdown and for the other i want it. So if i can pass a parameter that can distinguish the scenarios it will be better i think…

I have referred this … p-net.aspx

do you mean you are creating MVC application with dhtmlxScheduler for .NET and you need to create different configurations of DHXScheduler object?

The easiest way would be either creating different actions of the controller for each scenario. You can put common part of configuration into some method that will be called by both actions.

Or you can open the page with different url parameters, e.g. Controller/Action?scenario=1, and base on them do the reqiured settings