Full custom view

Is it possible to implement an entirely custom view on the scheduler?

For example, would it be possible to have a tab button option to display a map using a different mapping solution to the one implemented in the maps extension or to have a tab option which displays a different grid control to the one implemented in the dhtmlxscheduler_grid_view extension?

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yes, it’s possible to create custom views. You’ll have to define several methods and that will allow to intergate view in the scheduler.
Please check this article,

Defining methods listed there will allow you to have a custom ‘weekly’ based mode (i.e. time scale at left side, and day-columns from left to right)

In order to get a fully custom display, you need to define the the next function
will be called each time the view is activated, you can render the view’s markup and inject it into the calendar container there
github.com/DHTMLX/scheduler/blo … ew.js#L111

You’ll also need to create wrapper around scheduler.render_data method for rendering events in a custom view
github.com/DHTMLX/scheduler/blo … iew.js#L46
github.com/DHTMLX/scheduler/blo … iew.js#L49

When you’ll be rendering events in a custom view, make sure that the event DOM elements have “event_id” attribute set. It will allow scheduler to trace clicks and double clicks on events.
github.com/DHTMLX/scheduler/blo … iew.js#L98
github.com/DHTMLX/scheduler/blo … iew.js#L87

And thats should be it for a basic agenda or grid-like view. Although, drag-and-drop support would require some additional coding