Full_day events still have end_date 5 minutes after start?

So, I’ve turned on full_day on my calendar. But when I create new events it still seems to create events that have a end_date that is just 5 minutes after the start_date (which is midnight)


This config doesn’t change dates of the new created event, it just adds checkbox to the lightbox to make the event “full day”.
To change dates of new event use onEventCreated API event. Here is a snippet how to implement it:

Oh I see, so it basically adds support for full_day events, it does not make events full_day.
Got it.

Generally speaking what should one use for the start/end times for full_day events?

Also, I think the onEventCreated is used after the event has been created. Wouldn’t it make more sense to set those values before it gets sent (create or update)? Maybe even before the lightbox?

hmm… read details of the full_day config

You can do the same in the onBeforeLightbox handler and check if it is a new event by getState()