Full support for All Day events

Are there any plans for the following with regards to All Day support:

  • Stay on top and don’t scroll. Our start scroll hour is 6am, this hides all day events and our users don’t know they exist. Google Calendar is nice as it shows them always on top.
  • Drag Edit support. Current I can’t drag an all day event to another day.
  • Drag Create support. I can’t drag in the all day section to create a new all day event. Why not?


Currently there is no such plans, at least not for next version.
if you need to works with multi-day events, there are other , more suitable views ( month, timeline )

I wish I could tell my users that. Unfortunately it is a big issue if the can’t see an all day event on the day or week views at a quick glance.

Just incase you guys don’t remember, almost a year ago I implemented this on an earlier version of scheduler and pasted modified the code to get you 90% here.


Unfortunately this meant mucking around with your code making upgrading very difficult. Was hoping you guys would have taken that code or the ideas behind and at worked with it by now so I wouldn’t have to apply my changes to the new version again.

Please implement this, you know the code! It took me a day or two to do this without even knowing what was what, it should take you a few hours with in-depth knowledge behind the code.

Tys von Gaza

We plan to include this in next version. Now for sure.

It was planned to be added in the current one, but while overall changes is not such complex, they change base elements of scheduler, which requires a lot of regression and backward compatibility testing, so it was delayed.

Thank you. I appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting into this product.