Full support for RFC2445 (iCal Recurrence standard)?

Every other major calendar supports these recurrence rules. My major calendar I mean Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple’s iCalendar. To allow easier integration and syncing with these calendars are there any plans to move towards true standard recurrence rules?

If this seems daunting then please take a look at the ruby gem RiCal (http://github.com/rubyredrick/ri_cal). They did a clean slate implementation of RFC2445 and it works great! They have a full test suite which includes every example from the RFC. It should be possible to convert this test suite to a javascript testing framework and TDD a similar javascript solution.


Client side scheduler will not work with iCal standard of recurring events ( it is too complicated to be fully processed on client side ), but we will provide a proxy script , which can be used to convert iCal data to scheduler’s format ( including recurring events )

It will be published in few weeks, drop us an email ( support@dhtmlx.com ) if you need it ASAP

I do not know about your code. From what I see, you have links to sources you load. Each source is then processed. There is something like a database connection where the client queries the server with specific date spans. So, this is the place where the ICalendar recurrences seem to fit in from my perspective: An ICalendar with recurrences is in the client, registered as a database connection which can be queried.