full xml serialization.

Is there any way to get cell attributes like ‘type’, ‘style’ and options of a cell, if the cell type is combo while serializing XML?

I tried :


In this case, it’s not serializing cell attributes.

I also tried :


In this case, i am getting column attributes, but not cell Attributes.

Please let me know, is there any way to get cell attributes?

Thanks in Advance,


setSerializationLevel(userData, selectedAttr, config, changedAttr, onlyChanged, asCDATA) methos has parameters:
userData - enable/disable user data serialization
selectedAttr - include �selected� row’s attribute in result XML
config - serialize grid configuration (only information about grid structure)
changedAttr - include �changed� cell’s attribute in result XML
onlyChanged - include only changed rows in result XML
asCDATA - output cell values as CDATA sections (prevent invalid XML)

Please find more information here how to add additiona attributes to the serialized grid dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … t_userdata