Fully hide out of 'scope' events when using ignore_timeline

When we’re using the ignore_timeline function to remove certain hours from the timeline, we’re still seeing a small placeholder for events which appear in the ignored time.

Is it possible to omit these ‘placeholders’ and fully hide events appearing in the ignored times?

Thanks in advance,


The same query applies to the red ‘mark_now’ line which represents the current time and appears (in the wrong position) even when the ignore_timeline hides the current period of time.

Again, I’d like to hide the red line when the timeline isn’t showing the current period of time (based on the logic in the ignore_timeline function).

For example, I’d like the red line to be hidden if the following ignore_timeline function is used and the current time is 13:30: -

scheduler.ignore_timeline = function(date){
    //non-work hours
    if (date.getHours() < 8 || date.getHours() > 18) return true;
    if (date.getHours() == 13 ) return true;


I would also like to know how to hide the placeholders for the Events in the ignored time.

Is there any solution yet?