Gannt MVC

Hi guys,

I have been following this tutorial but the solution is full of inconsistent code and missing code. The final version to download as a sample is also broken.
Link to the tutorial is here … p-net-mvc/

It appears the key areas that are broken are in some places the code refers to GanntTask and in others just Task or GanntLink vs Link. These issues are easy enough to fix up.

The key issue is it seems to be missing an object called GanntData and methods on that object for Mode and Action.

Does anyone know where I can find a completed version or point me in the right direction.

we’ll recheck the tutorial and give an update today

Hi - Any updates on this?

sorry for the inconvenience. Here is a fixed project. Note that NuGet package are not included, be sure to restore them before running the project (Build->Build solution, or right click on Solution->Enable Nuget Package Restore should do it)
The text of the tutorial will be corrected by Friday (119 KB)

That is great - thank you.

I have downloaded the new application and it all works perfectly.

I have been able to use that to get it working in my application as well.

Very much appreciated.