Gant - performance of column's onrender at scrolling

I’m using custom rendered elements (Vue components) inside columns ([CLICK] - Modifying cells after render) rendering(Specifying Columns Gantt Docs) but I have some performance issues like in video below.

When I scroll very fast, some of first cells in rows won’t render. I must scroll very slowly to render everything.
This issue occurred even with pure JS (just changing node’s innerHTML)

      onrender: (item, node) => {
         node.innerHTML = 'foo'


I’ve confirmed the bug,
looks like the callback fails sometimes when the grid is scrolled fast.

The bug is submitted to our tracker, we’ll look into it, but I can’t give you an ETA on the fix

That was quick, the issue is fixed in the dev branch of gantt and the fix will be included in the next bugfix release of gantt.

If you want the fix sooner and you have our techsupport subscription - please send us an email, we’ll send you a pre-release package.

Hi, thanks for quick reaction. When the fix will be released?

Hello Rafał,
The dev team fixed the bug with the onrender function. Now, Vue elements shouldn’t disappear after you scroll Gantt vertically: