Gantt 5 - Multiple dependencies on one task

I’m evaluating if it is possible to use the dhtmlx Gantt component to visualize workflows with branches and the main questions are as follows:

  1. Branches: is it possible to have multiple tasks depending on a single one?
  2. Loops: is it possible to create a dependency to itself?
    Thank you!


  1. If understand what you want correctly, it is possible. You can create tasks inside a task (it is called a project) and they all will depend on that task. If you delete the project, all child tasks will be deleted. Gantt is written in Javascript so you can create your own custom solution if you do not want to use projects. Please check the examples where you can see how tasks can depend on another task: … ation.html … gress.html

  2. Sorry, it is not clear for me what you want to get. Could you clarify with more details or illustrate with an example how it can be used?
    It is possible to use loops in general. If you modify a task parameter, it is possible to apply another change on it. For example, in the following snippet you can change the progress of a task to change its colour: