gantt.addTaskLayer is not a function in v5


I wanted to have a look on the 13_highlight_drag_position.html sample on my local machine.

This works fine on your website: … ition.html

But if I try to open it locally:

I have the following error :

Uncaught TypeError: gantt.addTaskLayer is not a function at Object.<anonymous> (13_highlight_drag_position.html:73) at Object.i (eventable.js:21) at Object.t.callEvent (eventable.js:62) at Object.t._reinit (gantt_core.js:87) at Object.t.init (gantt_core.js:37) at 13_highlight_drag_position.html:155

Many thanks


addTaskLayer still exist, and this method is available only in Pro versions, that is why you have an error.

Great thanks