Gantt Angular dynamic localization


I am using dhtmlx-gantt v6.1.1 in an Angular 7 application. I currently am supporting localization in english and french. What I would like to do is being able to build a french and an english bundles of my application including localized dhtmlx-gantt.
How could I achieve that ?
I followed this blog post on integrating dhtmlx-gantt in an Angular app, which worked well.
I’ve seen a snippet found in comments of localization documentation page : but it does not work well for me.

Does someone have already achieve this kind of feature ?

Thanks, Maxime.

Hello Maxime,
Here is a sample that allows switching the locales:
Unfortunately, there is a bug that doesn’t allow to dynamically switch back to the English locale. We know about that bug, and it will be fixed in the future. I cannot give you an ETA, but I will notify you when it is fixed.

Hello Maxime,
Sorry, that I didn’t inform you earlier, but the bug with the English locale was fixed in the 6.1.2 version:
You can test that it is no longer reproduced in the following snippet: