Gantt chart autoscheduling issue


I am trying to get autoscheduling to work with a gantt chart where there are links between tasks. I have set gantt.config.auto_scheduling = true. The autoscheduling works when I edit the gantt chart by editing the chart directly by dragging a task with the mouse but the autoscheduling does not work when I edit a task using the inline editor. I tried calling gantt.autoSchedule() after a task is edited using the inline editor but it was not autoscheduling all the tasks correctly. What can I do about this issue? Thanks.


I have created a snippet which demonstrates the issue:

Autoscheduling does not work at all in this snippet and I’m not sure why but this snippet still illustrates the issue I’m facing. The issue is that if I inline edit a task, for example inline edit the duration of task 1, task 2 and task 3 should be automatically rescheduled but that is not happening.


You need to apply gantt.autoSchedule() in the onSave event handler:

gantt.ext.inlineEditors.attachEvent("onSave", function(state){
	var col = state.columnName;
	if(gantt.autoSchedule && (col == "start_date" || col == "end_date" || col == "duration")){

This is how it works in the official sample:

But in the snippet, you need to specify the correct Gantt files (because autoscheduling doesn’t work in the free version):
And here is a simpler snippet that demonstrates only inline editors and autoscheduling functionality: