Gantt chart exporting as a blank PDF


When I export chart with large data from IE it is generating as a blank PDF but the size of the file is 0.99MB and chrome gives an error - “Failed to load resource. Server responded with a status of 500”. However for smaller data export to pdf functionality is working fine.
Is there any threshold limit for the data?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

There are two limits

a) 4Mb for incoming data ( it will be enough for 5 000 tasks in an average case )
b) 2 minutes generation time, if somehow generation takes more than 2 minutes ( very big gantt, invalid data ) the generation will be dropped.

If you don’t think that anything from above can be actual in your case, please provide a sample or a demo link ( you can send me PM with details )

P.S. The size limits is not a hard limitation, it just used to prevent networks problems.

My tasks are not more than 500.

  1. However if I assume tasks with invalid data… pdf export should return an error. But why the PDF is generating as blank with file size 0.99 MB?
  2. Could you me some examples what do you mean my “invalid data”.Same data rendering in Gantt view without any issues.

what do you mean my “invalid data”

Gantt serializes self and sends such serialized data to the server side.
As far as I can see it must work correctly for any data, but it is possible that some kind of data may break such process and server side will not be able to recognize the data.

Do you have an active license?
I can provide you an access to a debug instance of the export service. It will log all data incoming during an export and will allow to reconstruct and pinpoint the issue. (I can’t get any info from the production version of the export service, as it doesn’t store any data)

I am able to export max 285 tasks to PDF. If it is more than 285 tasks pdf is displaying as blank page.
I don’t see any data issues, I have tested my data splitting each data set with less than 285 and worked fine.If I combine all the data its failing to show data in PDF i.e displaying as a blank PDF.

Please provide a demo link or at least the dataset for which issue occurs

Hello Shivani,
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