Gantt chart License


Currently we use the Gantt chart free version using angular at our company. We have procured the enterprise license for Gantt chart recently. Could you please let me know for changes if any to be made on our end to accommodate the license update.


Hello Ravi,
We don’t have an NPM package of the Pro version. But you can install Gantt as an NPM package the following way:

  1. Unpack Gantt to a specific folder, for example, to /opt/gantt_pro
  2. If your Gantt version is 6.1.x, you need to replace the package.json file with the following one:
  3. Use the following command to install Gantt:
npm install /opt/gantt_pro

You can read more about installation methods in the following article:

Thank you!
I have followed the steps that was mentioned in the documentation. We are using “project” task type which is available in pro edition. But after including the pro edition, I am not able to see the project task types.
Could you let me know the changes that I need to make to display project task type.

Hello Ravi,
You need to make sure that you didn’t include both free and Pro versions. You can check your current Gantt version by applying this command: