Gantt Chart read-only mode - not fully read-only?


This is a re-post of question asked in viewtopic.php?f=15&t=32742&p=104006#p104006

I have a follow-up question: even in read-only mode, you are allowed to

  • start dragging a link (change or create a link)
  • double-click a link resulting in confirmation popup like “Link will be deleted”

Any way to get rid of this behavior resulting in 100% read-only grid?

we’ve confirmed the issue. Operations with links are not blocked in readonly mode by default. Currently you have to cancel them manually. Deletion of the links can be disabled by returning ‘false’ from the onLinkDoubleClick event handler: … event.html

Links d’n’d can be disabled with this config … onfig.html

We’ll fix this bug and i’ll post a fixed version of the component here