gantt chart takes twice the time to load the same project

I open a project in the gantt chart.
When I re-open the same project in the same window, it take twice the time.
here is the JSON data that is passed to the gantt.parse() function : … d4f244b6c3

any suggestions ?

I tried to apply the data from the link and Gantt doesn’t accept it to load. I see that there is no “data” field for the data to load or “text” for task names. It means that you use some custom code that modifies the names to apply it in your chart. I tried to modify the data to make Gantt load it and the chart doesn’t hang, although this is the only thing I see:
So without that custom code I won’t be able to reproduce it.
I need a sample of your code to see what might be wrong. You can modify this snippet:
After you edit the code and see that it reproduces the hang, click on the “Share” button and copy the link for the snippet.

Hello Ramil
Thanks for the prompt reply.
Here is the actual data that is being passed to the gantt.parse() function : … fde65de9c5

can you please look into it

Also, i tried replacing your data with my data in the snippet that you shared. But the page and renderer gets stuck the moment I replace your data with mine. Can you please look into it.

Hello Ramil.
I have created a small standalone project with 1 index.html and 1 js file containing the data.
Please have a look. … HQzmVGa-yK

Sorry for the delay and thank you for the sample.
Looks like you have many tasks, but it takes long time to load even if reduce tasks to 50. It happens because there are tasks with long durations and Gantt needs to draw every cell where tasks might be located, in total it is 1825010 cells! Fortunately, there are performance tweaks that allow Gantt to work with large charts.
Please check the following article:
In your case I applied only this option:

gantt.config.static_background = true;

and it was enough to load all tasks in less than 7 seconds. Here is the “patched” htnl file: … index.html