Gantt.config.static_background doesn't render the image

I am using 4.1 version and when I set the static_background value to true, it doesn’t show the dynamic image. gantt_task_bg div doesn’t show any child divs

That functionality is available only in the Pro version:

Here are the ways to check that you connected the Pro version correctly:

  1. Open the dhtmlxgantt.js file. You should see dhtmlxGantt 4.1 Professional. If you see dhtmlxGantt 4.1 Standard, you connected the Standard GPL version:
  2. Open your HTML-file (or another file where you connect Gantt) and make sure that you connected correct file.
    Screenshot by Lightshot

If you checked that the Pro version is connected and the Standard version is not added at the same time, but you still don’t have the static background image, please send me a message in PM with the HTML sample that has all the necessary JS and CSS files so that I can reproduce the issue locally.