gantt custom calendar dates override in 4.2 version

I’m using gantt chart 4.2 version. and i wan to use its custom calendar assign on individual task. but i found that there is no way on the calendar object that overrides the particular date.
can any one please correct me where i can find these settings in the calendar object.
I have also seen its documentation. there they don’t have any thing on the calendar which overrides the particular date on the calendar.
they only have this object:
var calendar = {
worktime: {
hours: [8, 15],
days: [ 1, hours:[12,15], 1, 1, 0, 1 ,1]


Unfortunately there are no way to specify a particular date in the custom calendar.
The only way to make a specific date a day-off I can provide you now is to set this date by setWorkTime … ktime.html

Hello, I have a question about the setting of the calendar. If I want to set multiple calendars of unknown types, could you please tell me how to change the setting? Can you provide a method?
Looking forward to hearing from you

If you want to create multiple calendars, you need to use the addCalendar and createCalendar methods:

Then you can use the setWorkTime method from the calendar object:

Here is an example:

To modify the worktime settings of the calendar, you still need to use the setWorkTime method.
Here is an example: