Gantt Dependancy Reference Field

I can not get the link table to work when loading my task table and link table from mysql using gantt connector. I know the connector is working because new records are written to the link table when I create dependancies from the Gantt GUI. However the source_task and target_task fields are empty in the link table records.

I suspect the reason is that my ID field in my task table is not named “id”. It is named “TID”. I suspect “id” is hard coded and so the task table must have a field named “id”. It is not just a matter of changing my “TID” field to “id” as this would cause numerous problems with a large number of my current php scripts. Is there anyway to make the system use the field named “TID” instead of “id”

I figured out the problem with this. It is nothing to do with the name of the id field. I discovered that the link fields in the link table must be named “source” and “target” . Not “source_task” and “target_task” as described in your “How to Start with dhtmlxGantt” tutorial.