Gantt export to MS project

When I export to msproject with resources, the ID of the resources change and the new id are from 1 to … , and does not match to the assigment that cames from task!
Image sample of data


Hello Pedro,
I reproduced that issue in the snippet when I export resource chart 1:
However, when I compare the assigned resources in MS Project, the assignments are correct:

When I check the file, I see that though the ResourceUID is not correct, it is still attached correctly:

<Name>Air conditioners check</Name>



Could you clarify why do you need the same resource IDs in the exported file?

Hello ramil,

I did’t explain well.
In the list of assigments all ResourcesUID are with the -65535, so when I open in the MS Project the task does not have the assigment.

Hello Pedro,
Thank you for the clarification.
I couldn’t reproduce that.
Please, send me a test file so that I can reproduce the issue locally. Then I will check if there is something wrong with the Gantt configuration or it is a bug in the Export Module or Gantt.

I resolve the problem converting the owner_id to string
tasks: {
ResourceAssignments: function (task) {
return task.owner_id.toString();