Gantt grid area fix

Is it possible to fix a portion of the left grid area in the gantt chart, such as an Excel fix?

There is no built-in function for that but it can be implemented with Gantt API and Javascript.
Here is a snippet:

thank for your reply~~ but I already knew about that and i wondering fix specific columm in reft area…

Have you checked the snippet I sent you before? I “fixed” the first row. If you scroll the chart down, the data from the first row won’t disappear.
If you just want to set a fixed size of the certain column, so it won’t be shrunk less than the specified value, you can use “min_width” property. Here is an example:

I’ve checked your snippet however the thing i want to know is not the entire area on left side (task name, start time, duration) but fixed only task name row, like fixed function in Microsoft Exel… ^^

Thank you for the clarification.
There is no built-in function for that. You can try fixing tasks manually, but you need to use styles, and that won’t work the way it works in the MS Excel:

I’d like to download the GANTT chart as PDF. If you look at the current sample, the API to download through the DHTMLX server is configured. BUT if say so…there is Security problem, is ther a way to download our own pdf ??don’t go through the DHTMLX server.

Yes, it is possible to do that.
To export using your own server, you need to install the export module. It costs 350$. You can find more details on the following page: