Gantt grid rows as resources not as tasks

Hi, I’m testing the gantt chart for angular 8 project for our team and we need the task or events to show in the same row (defining the rows as resources not task). The grid in the left will list the resources and in the gantt we saw the events in that row, like this tool:

Is there a way to acheiv this or another tool? Thanks

Hello César,
If you want to display several tasks on the same row, you can use the Split Tasks feature.
The following article explains how to configure it:
And here is a sample:

You can use the grouping extension to group all tasks under the same parent:
Here is a sample:

You can combine it with the split tasks feature. In the following snippet, you can click on the buttons at the top to see how it works:

You can also check the DHTMLX Scheduler component:

Thanks, the split task function could work for our project, the only issue is when the events overlaps in time, they don’t look good.

Hello César,
There is no built-in way to change how it looks when tasks overlap. You need to implement a custom solution.

The following examples can help you to start: