Gantt integration with LWC Salesforce

Is it possible to display one of the Gantt grid column values as hyperlinks(pointing to a Salesforce object record)?

Hello Shilpa,
DHTMLX Gantt doesn’t have integration with Salesforce, so, there is no built-in way to return Salesforce elements.
But starting from the 7.1 version, it is possible to let frameworks render the grid elements. When Gantt finishes rendering the grid, the framework you are using can modify the elements in the grid. To do that, you need to use the onrender function:
It is mostly used in React, Angular, and Vue, and we tested that it works there.
There is no guarantee that it will work in Salesforce, but you can try to do that. Unfortunately, we don’t have any guides or demos for Salesforce, but if you want, I can send you a demo for React.

Hello Ramil,

The following documentation on your website talks about integrating DHTMLX with Salesforce.

Could you please clarify if Salesforce integration can be implemented?


Hello George,
DHTMLX Gantt is a Javascript library. It doesn’t have integration with Salesforce.
If you want us to implement it for you, I can contact you with the Sales team.

If you only need to add Gantt to Visual Force, Lightning Aura, or Web Components, you can do that. We have different instructions for these components.
If you use Web Components, you can follow the instructions from the GitHub repository.

If you use Visual Force or Lightning Aura, there are different instructions. If you have the license, you can submit a support request according to the instructions in the email with the license.