Gantt integration with Salesforce for multiple objects


is it possible to have several custom objects displayed in one Gantt chart in a LWC application? This object can have different fields but every object has date fields which help to display the items in the Gantt chart. Read only would be enough.

In the moment it works for me with one object. I used this Github repo as a basis:

Thanks for your help!

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It depends on the part of Gantt where you want to display custom objects.
If you want to show something in the grid, you can use the template function that allows returning any text or HTML elements:
Here is a simple example with different columns and custom elements:

If you need something different, please, clarify in which part of Gantt you want to show custom objects. You can also send a picture of how you imagine it should work.

@nicow have you found a solution? Thxxx