GANTT - IPAD - IFRAME (big trouble)


I’m in big trouble. When I open my gantt chart in ipad or galaxy it runs perfectly. But when I put it inside an iframe, the scroll functions are not working and he starts curb. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem?



please send a demo so we could reproduce the problem locally

By the way - iframes of ipad are have a lot of known limitations ( not related to dhtmlx components). In many cases they doesn’t catch the top frame events at all, so component inside the frame don’t know anything about scrolling attempts.

Dear, thanks for the answers!

Follow the urls with the simulation in and out of the iframe. The javascript error that happens when iframe use, is apparently caused the same when I change the orientation of the iPad (even with the code outside the iframe)

Outside the iframe: … livery.htm (Scroll paralyzed when changing from landscape to portrait and vice versa

Inside the iframe … gantt.html (paralyzed scroll)

note: in week scale horizontal and vertical scrolls are generated