Gantt is not displaying anything if task startdate/time and enddate/time are same

i have a scenario where a task has same start date/time and end date/time , as result i am not able to see any timeline , there is any option for to at least display a line for that particular date?? because there is nothing displayed in gantt if start date/time and end date/time is same for a task.

You can do that by specifying global start_date and end_date parameters:
Here is an example:

i have same scenario as the snippet u shared, where in data the startdate and end date is same,so i can see small line in april 1,but in my case i cant see any line even i have same startdate and enddate in my data

You need to make sure that the task dates fit the date range, i.e. they are between global start_date and end_date parameters.
If that doesn’t help you, please try reproducing the issue in the snippet above, then click on the “Share” button and send me the link.

I think we resolved the issue, as we were over riding the default gantt border and setting it to 0px, that was the reason we were not able to see the line.