Gantt is too slow

I implemented a Gantt component in my JSP application. But the module is way too slow when creating and editing tasks. Sometimes the browser crashes.
What can it be? please help

This is the path of my application

Enter the third option in the menu on the left side (Administration / Planiacion de proyectos). You will notice how slow is the Gantt (769 Bytes)

I have found that it is a conflict with the jquery.min.js library I use for other functions.
What I can do? please help :confused:

issue is caused by size of displayed date range. Your gantt is showing 20 years day by day, such a size of the data area hits the performance.
You can try setting a bigger time step for a scale(e.g. weeks or months) … scale.html … scale.html

Also, try the latest beta from this post viewtopic.php?f=15&t=34618&p=109056#p109056

You can disable rendering of cells in data area, that will decrease rendering time. Here is the config:

gantt.config.show_task_cells = false;

Can you specify the issue? What exactly goes wrong? I’ve added jquery-2.1.0.min.js to the one of examples, it didn’t seem to conflict in any way

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Ok. Great!!!

yes, i have use this in angular 7 it’s working. thanks!