Gantt: making links on touch devices is impossible

Hi, is there any way to create Gantt links on touch devices? It looks like it’s impossible…

Hi @Marcin_Nowak!

It’s possible to add links using the touch event on the Gantt default settings. Please follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the task that will be the source of the link. The task becomes selected.
  2. Tap and freeze for one second on the circle on the left or on the right of the selected task.
  3. Move to the circle of the task you want to be the target of the link.

Please check this gif how it can be done:

Adding links to touch devices with a small screen resolution is not a very convenient task for the user. In this case, for ease of use, you can create custom elements to control the Gantt.
In the following sample where you can see how it can be implemented: