Gantt Migration 7.0 => 7.1 causes bug in scrollTo function


Hello, after updating from 7.0 to 7.1 the scrollTo functions throws the following error:

ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘$config’)
at Object.scrollTo (dhtmlxgantt.js:7264:1)
at Object.refreshData (dhtmlxgantt.js:20432:1)
at Object.t.createTask (dhtmlxgantt.js:15443:1)
at Object. (dhtmlxgantt.js:8818:1)
at Object.callHandler (dhtmlxgantt.js:12004:46)
at Object. (dhtmlxgantt.js:8809:1)
at s (dhtmlxgantt.js:11959:1)
at HTMLDivElement.r (dhtmlxgantt.js:11927:1)
at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone-evergreen.js:399:1)
at Object.onInvokeTask (core.js:41632:1)
at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone-evergreen.js:398:1)
at Zone.runTask (zone-evergreen.js:167:1)
at ZoneTask.invokeTask [as invoke] (zone-evergreen.js:480:1)
at invokeTask (zone-evergreen.js:1621:1)
at HTMLDivElement.globalZoneAwareCallback (zone-evergreen.js:1647:1)

The bug has already been reported in the Gantt Docs:
Are there any news regarding it?

Thanks in advance


Hello Nemanuel,
Please, don’t ask the same questions in different places. Let’s continue our discussion here: