Gantt not showing all tasks horizontally


Below is the image of the issue that seems to have just started after I updated from v6.3.7 to v7.0.3. I don’t have any start or end date set in gantt configs. I would like the chart to just auto scale based on the dates of data. I also set config.fit_tasks to true and it looks like the chart gets cut off and doesn’t fit the full width of the chart.


I resolved this by removing the gantt.detachAllEvents. Not sure why but that fixed the formatting issue.


Hello @ndmoroz,

I’m glad that you fixed the issue.
Just for clarification: using the detachAllEvents method could break the gantt functionality, cause it removes custom and built-in handlers, so the gantt can’t initialize correctly.

If you want to work with handlers, the better is to use attachEvent and detachEvent methods which lets you act with single handlers instead of all.
You can read about it in the “Event Handling” guide: link: