Gantt Parse is not loading data correctly the second time

Hi All

I got this small problem using gantt component into an angular directive

this is what my directive is doing (the angular directive is named ganttControl):

scope.$watch(‘’, function () {
if (scope.operationlist != null) {

this is the way I’m using this directive

when It runs the first time everything is ok, but when I leave the page where the gantt control is and come back again the gantt is hanging, I cannot scroll down or make any other thing, I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

If anybody has an idea of what I’m doing wrong, please help me up.

There is known issue with gantt reinitialization ( second call to gantt.init )
Try to use the updated version of js file …

thank you very much my friend.

I got an extra question, about compatibility of this control wirh IE 10, because I’m having some problems, should I use IE9 compatibility maybe.


Could you please provide the example where Gantt doesn’t work.


It seems that situation with non-operational scrolling is back in new IE11. Dragging scroll works, however clicking on a scroll produces no result. Could you guys please take a look?

Thank you