Gantt PNG export returns an empty png file

We have been using gantt export to PNG for quite some time and did not have any issues with. We now have some schedules failing to export to PNG. When downloading the file from dxhtml gantt export service the file is empty. Can you advise what might be the cause? The schedule does not have a lot of data, it is definitely not its size that is causing the issue. The example link which does not work:

Hello @jacekstepien ,

It’s hard to suggest what exactly goes wrong, could you please reproduce the issue in the following snippet:
(reproduce the issue => click “Save” button => send me the new link)

Or just provide a dataset in JSON format, that I will be able to copy and test on my side?

Kind regards,

The export works well now, we cannot reproduce it anymore. I will get in touch if it comes back.

Hello @jacekstepien ,

There were technical issues with our export server, and possibly the issue could be connected with it. We already fixed servers, so possibly the issue won’t appear again.