Gantt resource "calculate Resource Load From Assignments" error

  • When I enabled process_resource_assignments and tried to set grouping to false, I got this error!
  • When I disabled process_resource_assignments, the error is gone, but the resource timeline shows like this!

Hello Ayman,
There was a similar bug that was fixed in the 8.0.4 version:

By default, the process_resource_assignments config is enabled:

So, when I ungroup tasks in the following samples, I don’t get an error:

Probably, the issue is related to the Gantt configuration, but it is hard to suggest what might be wrong as I don’t see your code.
Please add your configuration to the following snippet and make sure that the issue is reproduced there:

Then, click on the Save button and send me the link.
Or send me a ready demo with all the necessary JavaScript and CSS files so that I can reproduce the issue locally.