GANTT Resource Planning

Hi Team,

Is it possible that we can you two datastore, both are different in nature one is with parent and other dont have parent, other datastore have just number on employees, Is this possible to use on click on radio box as you show in example but with different datastore on box radio box.

Yes, it is possible to do that. I created a snippet where you can see how it can be implemented and using it you can create your own solution:

Hi Ramil,

How can we refresh the timeline grid where we show working hours against employee/supervisor. I’m able to refresh grid where we show employee names.

I tried using :


But this doesn’t work in my case,
Please let me know if some other option is there to refresh timeline grid.

To refresh the data both for timeline and grid you can use gantt.render() function instead of those three commands.
In the following example you can click on the “Add column” button and one column in the grid will be changed into another column:
You can read more about it in the following article:
And there is an explanation about the difference between refreshData() and render() functions: … 2391070791