Hi ,
I am integrating Gantt with resource usage diagram using php connector . I couldn’t able to load and parse resources json from external or fetch from database. I can only parse inline json in it. Please anyone help me for this am trying to do assigning group task. file name 05_resource_usage_templates.php
{id: 1, text: “QA” , parent:null},
{id: 1, text: “jone” , parent:1},
{id: 1, text: “mike” , parent:1},
]); instant of this i want to load this resource list from database how to do this please help.

Hello Janani,
Unfortunately, there is no load function for the resource store, so you won’t be able to load the resource data directly from the database.
You need to use a custom solution to load the data into a JSON variable and use that variable to load the resource data.

Thanks for reply … I solved it by call api in onbeforeparse event and parse response json.