Gantt Roadmap 2018


Here you may find what we’re planning to add in future versions of dhtmlxGantt
Gantt Roadmap on Trello

You’re welcome to vote for those plans and ideas that you’d like to see first.



I am wondering the reason this : item is not taken into account for v5 while it is the most popular among items not already tagged “v5”.

It is a critical feature that would be used in most cases by our clients (we have a pro version). Without this, calculateEndDate() cannot be used properly, which is very useful for a Gantt chart!



Is there a scheduled delay in the release of version 5.2 . If no , can you please help me point where I could download the same. If yes , let me know the ETA.

Sanket Mishra
Instant Edge


We’re also hoping to get 5.2 soon. Any update on the release date? Tomorrow is the last day to release before you are considered “Late” based on your roadmap. :smiley:


yes, there is a bit of delay with this update, unfortunately.
We’ll release it next week, on 5th of July