Gantt/Scheduler Sync

My project needs the ability to move project (not tasks) timeline in Gantt. This would mean that I would drag the project forward or back in time which would mean that Project Start Date/End Date would change based on where I move the project.
Right underneath Gantt, I would like to place a scheduler that changes values (before/after column per week) based on where I drag the project. To the left of the scheduler, I would have a roll up with expandable details.

Would the Gantt/Scheduler be able to handle this requirement?

Hello Jay,
To drag a project, you need to enable the drag_project parameter.
Here is an example of how it works:

Gantt and Scheduler don’t have integration between them as they are different components.
You need to implement a custom solution if you want to make this work.

Thank you Jay! Are the Gantt and Scheduler customizable?

Hello Jay,
Yes, you can do that.

Here is the documentation for both components: