Gantt time control

Hi,is there a way to limit the time select for tasks to only one day in the lightbox?that is a task can only be planned within a day(cannot stretch beyond one day)

you can remove the unneeded time selectors either by using time_format setting, or by hiding html elements of inputs manually. Html node of the control can be accessed with following code var node = gantt.getLightboxSection('description').node;
Then you’ll be able to retrieve nested selects and hide them with ‘display:none’ … ction.html

In order to limit resizing, you can use onTaskDrag event, and limit task dates there … event.htmlgantt.attachEvent("onTaskDrag", function(id, mode, task, original){ var drag = gantt.config.drag_mode; if(mode == drag.resize){ if(task.end_date - task.start_date > 1000*60*60*24){//if more than 24 ... do something } } });

Additionally, you can validate each change using onBeforeTaskUpdate event … event.html