Gantt timeline not getting refreshed with render() call



I am currently working on a Gantt and Salesforce LWC integration. While updating tasks, the changes made are reflected on the gantt grid and not on the timeline. I am calling the gantt.render() explicitly after a successful save to the database but to no avail. Can you please help with a demo/snippet for the same?


Hello Shilpa,
Probably, the issue is related to the Gantt configuration, but it is hard to suggest what might be wrong as I don’t see your code.
Please, add your configuration in the following snippet and make sure that the issue is reproduced there:
Then, click on the Share button and send me the link.
Or send me a ready demo with all the necessary Javascript and CSS files so that I can reproduce the issue locally.


Thank you Ramil, it was indeed related to the Gantt configuration.