Gantt to Import MsProject Date Problem


I am currently working on Gantt in my project and I want to export my Gantt and import in to MS Project. However, when I did it. Duration and Finish Date does not match with Gantt and MS Project.

Also, I just used the example in the official snippets but the demo does not work correctly.

What is the correct way of importing into MS Project

Here is the snippet that I use:


Hello Sera,
The issue can be reproduced even with our sample if you import the data into Gantt and export it.
We are aware of that issue, it should be related to task calendars.
You can try exporting the data with the following parameters:

    project: {
      'MinutesPerDay': function () {
        return 24 * 60;
      'HoursPerDay': function () {
        return 24;

and enable the work_time option:

gantt.config.work_time = true;

Here is the snippet where you can test that:

However, it doesn’t always work. Unfortunately, I don’t have another workaround and I cannot give you any ETA on when the bug is fixed.