Gantt TypeScript Definition File


Hi, I wanted to know the preferred method of including the dhtmlx Gantt definitely typed file to a gantt project -

Should we be using the npm @types/dhtmlxganttt package or including the definitions manually in the tsconfig?


Hello Brian,
As I see, the definitely typed types are very old (6.0) version:

Starting from the 6.1 version, the types are included in the package:

Unfortunately, there are some missing types. We are aware of that. That bug will be fixed in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.


Are there any updates for missing types issue? Have it fixed?

Do you have gantt types in 7th version of Gantt?


Hello Brian,
The dev team added some types, but some other types are still missing. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any ETA on when it is going to be fixed.